Gamma Alpha Bulletin

Vol 17 No 6. March/April 1997

President's Message

We enjoyed meeting our prospective members last month. Mary Jo did a nice presentation about Delta Kappa Gamma and our chapter, Gamma Alpha. I also want to thank Marie for her great travel presentation and for the brochures that members requested. We had an enjoyable time. This month, Eileen DeHart will be our guest speaker. She can let us know what is going on in Lansing. Please try to attend this important meeting. Enclosed in the newsletter is another registration form for the State Convention. I would like Gamma Alpha to be well represented at the convention this year. Alice

Membership Report


Judy Handley has been busy on the phone to Susan Usher, Director of the Wayne County Family Center. Ms. Usher requested large diapers, wipes, swabs, stage one foods and stage one juice for the children in the center. We applied for a donation from Meijer and received a $20 gift certificate. The Service Project committee will go shopping and buy baby food and juice with the certificate and money we have left in our project account. Those who wish to donate diapers, wipe and swabs may bring them to the March meeting. We will deliver all of the goodies to the shelter. Ms. Usher also requested that we organize an Easter Egg Hunt. Grace Morgan, Carol Anderson and Shirley Wahlstrom were interested, but a scout troop that needed to earn service badges beat us to the punch! If anyone is interested in this activity for next year, let the committee know so we can schedule it with the center. Ms. Usher indicated that she could speak to our group and we could tour the facility. We will schedule this for one of our fall meetings.

Jackie Smart: Service Project Chairman
Esther Loskowske
Judy Handley
Donna Colaianne
Susie Miller

Gamma Alpha Bulletin: GAB

Chapter Chatter

Ruth Everett has transferred membership from her chapter in Cincinnati to Gamma Alpha. Ruth is a Media Specialist for Livonia Public Schools. Barb Broadley brought her to last month's meeting. Welcome, Ruth.

Sandy Becher has taken an Internet Trainer of Trainers course at Wayne County RESA. Also, Jon, Sandy's 'baby', has signed a letter of intent to attend Saginaw Valley State University and play football for them.

Grace Morgan had a wonderful time in Florida visiting Abby Roche. She shared some of their sight-seeing adventures during dinner.

"If driving down I-75 to Florida, I'm in Ocala, just 6 1/2 miles off the highway," says Abby. "I would love for you to stop by and visit."

Does anyone know a good dentist? Mary Jo Dreffs decided to remove a tooth during dinner last month. It seems while she was eating a roll, she swallowed a bit of the roll that was really hard. That was no roll. It was part of her tooth.

We want to thank Marie Canzoneri for all her efforts for our travel show. Those who picked up brochures can dream of faraway places.

Included in the newsletter is the new Gamma Alpha Informational Brochure all chapters were asked to create. I hope it is O.K.

State Stats

The State Convention is just a few weeks away. Be sure to send in your registration form soon in order to receive the discount.

Deadline for articles for the June Bulletin is May 20. Send your copy to Jackie Smart. Please drop me a line!

Jackie Smart


March 12- The March meeting will be held at the Water Club Grill, Inc. Dinner will be at 5:30 and the meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. This meeting is sponsored by the Legislation Committee. Nancy Bielik has arranged for State Representative (18th House District) Eileen DeHart to be our guest speaker. DeHart has supported the MEA on issues affecting education. Please have questions ready that you would like her to answer. Also, Judy Handley, from the Service Projects committee, has contacted the Family Center to inquire about their needs. They are requesting donations of large diapers, wipes and Q-tips. If you would like to contribute, bring your items to the March meeting or send them with a friend if you cannot attend. See the Service Project report for further information.

April 9- Birthday Dinner and Initiation of New Members will be held at Kiernan's in Dearborn. The Birthday Committee will send out flyers in March. Sign-up for next year's committees will also take place at this meeting. (There will be no April newsletter.)

April 25-27- State Convention at the Amway Hotel in Grand Rapids. Reservation details are in this month's newsletter again.

No May meeting.

June- Executive Board meeting will be scheduled after school ends. This meeting is for all committee chairmen and any interested members. We will let everyone know the date as soon as Sandy tells us!

Meet Our Members
This issue: meet Evelyn Shuput


13 Esther Loskowske


3 Marcia Scarr
5 Beth Karbownik
8 Evelyn Shuput
18 Celestine Sanders
22 Shirley Wahlstrom

Gamma Alpha Executive Board

President: Alice Duke
First Vice President: Shirley Wahlstrom
Second Vice President: Mary Jo Dreffs
Recording Secretary: Mary Foster
Corresponding Secretary: Jackie Smart
Treasurer: Grace Morgan
Parliamentarian: Esther Loskowske
Past President: Marie Canzoneri
Newsletter: Jackie Smart