Gamma Alpha Bulletin

Vol 19 No 4. February 1999

President's Message

"Get Smart"

This winter season has been wild! I cannot remember ever having so many snow/cold days off from school and having a Gamma Alpha meeting cancelled because of the weather, but the weather was a major consideration for the cancellation of January’s Business meeting. Judge Gail McKnight would still like to address our group and Nancy Bielik is going to schedule her for a fall meeting. As I stated in last month’s newsletter, we will be voting to accept applications for new members. We have lost five members this year. I want to encourage all of our members to serve as talent scouts searching for key women educators whose service to education makes them ideal recipients of Invitations to Membership. The Society’s Membership Initiative encourages each chapter to:

  • Gain 10% new members
  • Retain 95% current members
  • Reclaim 10% of former members by Reinstatement.

After the business portion of the meeting is taken care of, Alice Duke’s daughter has agreed to come and give us the basket demonstration she was going to do last month. A percentage of the proceeds will go to Gamma Alpha’s Grant-in-Aid fund. Be sure read this month’s Service Project Report. Judy Handley has contacted the shelter to find out what the major needs are. See you on February 10th.


Service Project Report

Health News: Tone Your Bones

Brain Teaser



The Fall 1998 Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin devoted the entire edition to the parents’ role in education. There are many worthwhile articles in the bulletin. Much of the research reiterates what we know already. When parents are a vital part of the school setting, their children perform better.

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Golden Gift Fund
"A Brief History"

In 1974, a plan was adopted to initially finance the Golden Gift Fund. Members were encouraged to contribute one dollar per year for the years 1974-1979 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Society in 1979.

At the 1978 International Convention, members decided to place the Golden Gift Fund contributions into a special interest-bearing account for financing future projects of the Society. A Golden Gift Fund Committee was established as a standing committee to administer the Golden Gift Fund.

As of 1997, more than 650 members have participated in leadership/management seminars and completed study and special stipend projects. The Golden Gift also provides members an opportunity to attend a pre-convention seminar at international conventions.

As approved by the 1994 International Convention, the next Leadership/Management Seminar will be held June 20 through July 2, 1999. At the 1994 International Convention, the Executive Board approved Golden Gift Fund II to provide additional interest funds to support Golden Gift Awards. Donations are encouraged through State/Chapter organization treasurers using Contribution Form 43.

The members of the Golden Gift Committee encourage members to apply for awards and challenge all members to support funding so that the awards may continue to be made in the twenty-first century.

Thanks to Zeta Chapter for providing us with a brief history of the Golden Gift Fund.

Gamma Alpha Bulletin: GAB
Chapter Chatter
"Can We Talk?"

Grace Morgan has been in Florida since the middle of November helping out our reserve member, Abby Roach. Grace writes:

I am still in Florida. Abby found out that she needs the left hip replacement and re-constructive pelvic work. The surgery is more involved than Abby thought. It will take place on January 15 in Gainesville, rather than Ocala where Abby lives. Abby has confidence in the surgeon.

I’m not used to hot, humid weather ever, but especially not in November and December. I really like Michigan.


Simonne Grzesik has requested reinstatement to Gamma Alpha. This will be voted on (I assume affirmatively) at our February meeting. Simonne was out of town during dues payment time.

Bonnie Franka is traveling to Mexico during Wayne-Westland’s February break. Adios!

June Chartrand’s South African friends will be visiting Michigan in May. June and her husband, Bob, will take them up to Harbor Springs and do some sight seeing.

Ask Judy Handley about her drive back from Florida during Christmas. Her van broke down and a Chevy Chase vacation scenario took place.

An application for the Grant-in-Aid Gamma Alpha offers is enclosed in the newsletter. If you know of a candidate, please pass application on to me (Cindy) after it is filled out. Note the new deadline is March 30.

Deadline for articles for the next Bulletin is February 20. Send your copy to Cindy Dietz. Please drop me a line!


1998-1999 CALENDAR

February 10:

Membership will sponsor the nomination of new members. Bring your Recommendation for Membership form. The Service Projects Committee asks that you bring personal care items for the shelter. See Service Projects Report for further details. Dinner at 5:30 at Water Club; meeting at 7:00.

March 10:

Prospective members will participate in orientation. Personal Growth is working with the Music Committee to adapt "My Name is Annie" for our viewing pleasure. A social hour will follow. Dinner at 5:30; meeting at 7:00 at the Water Club.

April 21:

New members will be initiated at the Birthday Dinner. Time and place TBA.

May 14-16:

State Convention at Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel! Full convention information is in the Winter Wolverine. Hotel reservation information and convention registration forms are enclosed in the newsletter.


13 Susie Miller

Gamma Alpha Executive Board

President: Jackie Smart
First Vice President: Barb Broadley
Second Vice President: Marie Canzoneri
Recording Secretary: Carol Holland
Corresponding Secretary: Cindy Dietz
Treasurer: Grace Morgan
Parliamentarian: Chris Smith
Past President: Alice Duke
Newsletter: Cindy Dietz