Gamma Alpha Bulletin

Vol 18 No 4. January 1998

President's Message

I hope everyone enjoyed their well deserved holiday break. I know I did! The Music Committee was not able to arrange a reasonably priced holiday activity for us. They hoped all of you sang Christmas carols at sometime over your break! In January, the Executive Board will meet at the Water Club Grill at 4:00. Dinner will be at 5:30 and the January Business Meeting will begin at 7:00. Be sure to bring your completed Recommendation for Membership form to the January meeting. I hope to see everyone there.





Gamma Alpha Bulletin: GAB

Chapter Chatter

Nancy Bielik spent several months last winter in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. I wonder where she'll be this winter? Let us know, Nancy.

June Chartrand and husband Bob are in South Africa visiting friends for the next month. June was diagnosed for a duodenal ulcer problem which she had taken care of before she left for her trip. June had no symptoms for her problem. Her doctor gave her medication which she is to take for four months and a have a check-up upon her return. June says, "The mystery is: without symptoms, how will I know when I'm improving?" When you get the final bill, June.

Carol Holland and Grace Morgan have firm travel plans for Australia and New Zealand. Ask them for details. They haven't told me!

Bonnie Schweitzer fell in October and has a broken hip. She is confined to home and needs a walker to get around. A call or a card would cheer Bonnie up.

Abby Roche sent Esther Loskowske a Christmas note to share with us. Click here to read.

Members who attended November's presentation about "True Colors" were: Debbie Ervin, Judi Fisher, Barb Broadley, Ruth Everett, Carol Anderson, Donna Colaianne, Susie Miller, Jackie Smart, Cindy Dietz, Carol Holland, Judy Handley, Sandy Becher, Joan Lyon, Alice Duke, Eve Shuput and guest Mary O'Donnell. If you are still missing from this list, try to attend this month's meeting and bring something to decorate for Valentine's Day. Our chapter's success depends upon your involvement.

Mary Jo Dreffs, Membership Chairman, reminds you that International President Paula Dent states that we should have these goals for our chapter:

  • Retain 95% of our current membership
  • Reclaim 10% of members who have dropped out
  • Initiate 10% new members

So please seek out interested colleagues and present them to our chapter in January. Recommendation for Membership forms are in the newsletter.


May 30, 1998 The Leadership Development workshop will be held in Claire, Michigan.

A reminder to all chapter members. You are requested to send $2 to help pay for Dr. Paula Dent's reception in Dallas this summer. The reception costs about $7,000 and Alpha Iota State-Michigan is responsible for the cost.

May 1-3, 1998 is the State Convention. It will be held at the Marriott in Troy.


Fast Facts

Did you know that Delta Kappa Gamma Society International has 151,000 members? Did you know that there are 3,100 chapters located in Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Iceland, Mexico, Norway, Puerto Rico, Sweden, The Netherlands, and the United States of America? Delta Kappa Gamma became international when women educators from Vancouver, Canada became founders of Canada's Alpha chapter in 1952.

If you have questions or concerns about Society publications, items for the Delta Kappa Gamma NEWS, or questions about submitting articles, art or poetry to the Bulletin is the e-mail address. Jane Posten, Communications Administrator, will answer your questions.

The address for questions about general Society concerns, such as scholarships, membership, travel or programs and projects is Those questions will be answered by Dr. Theresa Fechek, Executive Coordinator or Dr. Isabel Wheeler, Program Services Administrator.

I will be putting together a booklet for the Research Committee about our members. I need all of you to send me a short "report" about yourself and a picture for this project. Please read this for details.

Deadline for articles for the February issue of Gamma Alpha Bulletin is January 20th. E-mail your copy ( or pony express it to Jackie Smart.

Jackie Smart


.January 14: Executive Board meets at 4:00 at Water Club Grill, Inc. Dinner will be at 5:30 and the Business Meeting will be at 7:00. This meeting is sponsored by the Scholarship Committee. Cindy Dietz will have scholarship applications at this time if you are interested in nominating someone. The deadline for turning in forms will be strictly followed. Also, bring your Recommendation for Membership forms for any member you are presenting for membership. After our Business Meeting, we will make Valentine sweatshirts. Susie Miller will check with Water Club Grill to see if we can use one of the rooms downstairs. Bring a neutral colored sweatshirt, a canvas tote, or plain gardening gloves to paint. Susie will bring the other materials.

February 11: We will meet at Water Club Grill, Inc. for dinner at 5:30 and the meeting will be at 7:00. Shirley and Cindy are arranging speakers to share career options for high school students.

March 11: Personal Growth and Membership Committees will sponsor our new member orientation meeting. We will meet at Water Club Grill, Inc. for dinner at 5:30 and the meeting will begin at 7:00.

April 1: Installation of Officers, Initiation of New Members and Birthday Dinner.

May 1-3: State Convention is at the Troy Marriott.

Meet Our Members
This issue: meet Joan Lyon

January Birthdays

1 Carol Anderson
7 Donna Colaianne
13 Mary Jo Dreffs
31 Marie Canzoneri

Gamma Alpha Executive Board

President: Alice Duke
First Vice President: Shirley Wahlstrom
Second Vice President: Mary Jo Dreffs
Recording Secretary: Mary Foster
Corresponding Secretary: Jackie Smart
Treasurer: Grace Morgan
Parliamentarian: Esther Loskowske
Past President: Marie Canzoneri
Newsletter: Jackie Smart