Gamma Alpha Bulletin

Vol 17 No 5. February 1997

President's Message

I would like to invite everyone to meet our three prospective members this month. They are Carol Anderson, Helen Mate and Judith Fisher. After our chapter orientation, Marie will present a short travel show for us. There are two forms attached to the newsletter. One is for registering for the State Convention in Grand Rapids (you will find this in your winter Wolverine as well). The other is for a Leadership Conference (anyone can attend this conference). Also included in the bulletin are the guidelines for awarding a Friend of Education certificate. We have not given a certificate for a few years. So read over the guidelines and bring any names you might have to the February meeting. I hope you are all able to attend. Alice

Minutes of the January Business Meeting

Jeopardy! - the Answers

Jeopardy! - the Questions

Photos from the January meeting

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Chapter Chatter

Grace Morgan is planning on a short trip to Florida. She will be visiting Abby Roche. Have fun in the sun, Grace.

Daphne Smart, Jackie's mother-in-law from Nottingham, England, came to January's meeting. Daphne is a retired needlework teacher and enjoyed our meeting. She also picked up a lace table cloth from the Nottingham Lace Centre for the World Fellowship Auction from our chapter. She told the group that Nottingham is the lace making center for all of England.

Cindy Dietz shook Eileen DeHart's hand during Ms. DeHart's door-to-door campaigning before last fall's election.

Alice Duke's son-in-law was in a serious car accident in late January. He is recuperating at home now, but will not be able to work for at least six months. This was supposed to be a better year for Alice. Our prayers are with you.

State Stats

There are several interesting workshops being offered at the State Convention in Grand Rapids. Be sure to register now for the convention.

International Items

If you have questions or concerns about Society publications, items for the Delta Kappa Gamma NEWS, or questions about submitting articles, art or poetry to the Bulletin is the e-mail address. Jane Posten, Communications Administrator, will answer your questions.

The address for questions about general Society concerns, such as scholarships, membership, travel or programs and projects is Those questions will be answered by Dr. Theresa Fechek, Executive Coordinator or Dr. Isabel Wheeler, Program Services Administrator.

Deadline for articles for the March Bulletin is February 20. Send your copy to Jackie Smart. Please drop me a line!

Jackie Smart


February 5- This month's meeting will be held at the Water Club Grill, Inc. Dinner will be at 5:30 and the meeting will begin at 7:00. Our prospective members will be introduced. Mary Jo and others will present a short program about our chapter activities and the purposes of Delta Kappa Gamma. Afterwards, Marie Canzoneri will provide a travel show for our entertainment.

March 12- This meeting will be sponsored by the Legislation Committee. Eileen DeHart will be our guest speaker. Judy Handley will be contacting the Family Center to inquire about their needs. We will let you know what item(s) we will be donating in March's newsletter.

April 9- Birthday Dinner and Initiation of New Members will be held at Kiernan's in Dearborn. Birthday Committee will send out flyers in March.

April 25-27 State Convention at the Amway Hotel in Grand Rapids. Reservation details are in this month's newsletter.

No May meeting.

Meet Our Members
This issue: meet Mary Foster


13 Susie Miller

Health News
The "Gorgeous Abs" Phenomenon
1996-1998 Executive Board

President: Alice Duke
First Vice President: Shirley Wahlstrom
Second Vice President: Mary Jo Dreffs
Recording Secretary: Mary Foster
Corresponding Secretary: Jackie Smart
Treasurer: Grace Morgan
Parliamentarian: Esther Loskowske
Past President: Marie Canzoneri
Newsletter: Jackie Smart