Gamma Alpha Bulletin

"The GAB"
Vol 21 No 3. January-February 2001

President's Message
"Greetings from Grace"

Happy New Year! At the December executive board meeting we revised our Strategic Plan for 2000-2001. We developed strategies to coincide with State of Michigan Strategic Plans. Contact me if you would like to see a copy.

It is time to be giving thoughts about recognizing a Chapter Woman of the Year and/or State Woman of Distinction award. These need to be identified and submitted to State by Feb. 15, 2001 and March 1, 2001. Contact me for applications and/or suggestions.

For those supportive of Education but not educators or Delta Kappa Gamma members, we have Friends of Education Awards and Distinguished Service Awards. Can you recommend someone?

Looking forward to everyone’s involvement in Gamma Alpha’s activities this year. Consider attending Detroit Metro Council Luncheon this year and/or the state convention.


To fight a cold: Help your immune system get rid of it. Drink 12 glasses of water a day when you have a cold - up from the usual eight.


The January meeting was called to order by President Grace Morgan at 6:00 p.m. at the Roman Forum in Canton.

Marie Canzoneri introduced our guest speaker, Thomas Libertiny of Prudential Securities. He gave us valuable information on estate planning, profolio investments and funding your child’s education.

Members received their updated yearbook. If you need to pick yours up, please contact Colleen Retherford.

Corresponding secretaries received a letter from Mary Foster wishing to resign. We also received a Thank You note from Barbara Broadley for the rose we sent in memory of her mother, Erene Murdock.

Our deepest sympathies go to Marie Canzoneri on the passing of her husband on January 22. Our thoughts and prayers are with Marie and her family.


When you cease to dream, you cease to live.

-Malcolm Forbes

A half truth is a whole lie.


May your life be like the snowflake, which leaves a mark but not a stain.


Be not simply good; be good for something.

-Henry David Thoreau

Two things are bad for the heart—running up stairs and running down people.

-Bernard M. Baruch

Empathy is your pain in my heart.

-Jess Lair

No yesterdays are ever wasted for those who give themselves to today.

-Brendan Francis

Quotes from PLUS: The Magazine of Positive Thinking. December 2000

Gamma Alpha Bulletin: GAB

Chapter Chatter

Some people are planning to retire after this school year. Wayne-Westland School District is offering an early retirement incentive this year. Any takers? We will let you know in the next newsletter. Stay tune.

State Stats

March 23-24, 2001 Leadership Development Retreat, Kettunen Center East Lansing.

April 27-29, 2001 Alpha Iota State Convention at Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids. Details will be in the Winter Wolverine.

Information for the April newsletter should be sent to Joan Murray and/or Bonnie Franka by April 1, 2001. Minutes and committee reports should be snail or e-mailed to the newsletter editors and Judy Kolassa.

Joan & Bonnie

2000-2001 CALENDAR

February 14

Personal Growth will sponsor this meeting. "Promotional Concepts" is tentatively scheduled to help Gamma Alpha market something that could be sold at the State Convention. The profits could be used for our Grant-in-Aid. The meeting will be held at Dunleavy’s Grill located at:

    340 N. Main Street
    Plymouth, MI
Dinner will be at 4:30. The meeting will start at 5:30. Please RSVP to Grace.

March 21

Research Committee
is in charge of the meeting. We hope they have some good ideas! Details TBA in future newsletter. The meeting will probably be held at Dunleavy’s Grill located at:

    340 N. Main Street
    Plymouth, MI
Dinner will be at 4:30. The meeting will start at 5:30. Please RSVP to Grace.

April 27-29

The State Convention will be held in Grand Rapids at the Grand Amway Plaza. Attendance has been dropping off at conventions and all chapter members are encouraged to consider joining in the fun. Once you attend a convention, you’ll return each year. The winter issue of the Wolverine will have registration forms and details.

May 19

Detroit Metro Council Birthday Luncheon will be held at the Grosse Point War Memorial. Birthday Committee will need to work with the Metro Council. Grace, Judy Kolassa and Jackie will be meeting with Metro Council September 23. Details will be available at the September meeting and in future newsletters.



1 Carol Anderson
7 Donna Colaianne
13 MaryJo Dreffs
20 Linda Cox
29 Susan England
30 Marie Canzoneri


13 Susie Miller
29 Marge Braun


2 Diane Moran Anselm
13 Esther Loskowske
30 JohnnySummerville


1 Lynne Elsesser
8 Evelyn Shuput
15 Gina Strand
22 Shirley Wahlstrom

Gamma Alpha Executive Board

President: Grace Morgan
First Vice President: Judy Kolassa
Second Vice President: Judi Fisher
Recording Secretary: Carol Holland
Corresponding Secretaries: Bonnie Franka
Joan Murray
Treasurer: Cindy Dietz
Past President: Jackie Smart