Gamma Alpha Bulletin

"The GAB"
Vol 21 No 1. October 2000

President's Message
"Greetings from Grace"

Jackie insists on a president’s message. Gee! What did I get myself into with this office?

I hope that your summer has been an enjoyable one and that you were able to accomplish most of what you had planned. I always find my list longer than I have time for.

Some of you are looking to the opening of another school year and some are looking to your first year of retirement and others are continuing their retired life style.

Our first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 27. See the calendar for meeting information.

We will have a description of the various committees so that you can become involved in the one(s) that interest you. You may either continue with the ones that you are involved in now or try a different one. There will be time available to meet with other members of the committee on Wednesday.

Come with your enthusiasm, ideas, an appetite, and of course your checkbook for dues and items for the World Fellowship auction.

We would like to bring new members in the fall. Also, bring recommendations for new members and let's get them involved this fall.

Please RSVP by September 18th (by phone or e-mail) if you are coming. I want to make sure Dunleavy’s has enough wait staff. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the September meeting.


Treasurer Cindy Dietz reminds us that dues are to be paid at (or before) the September meeting. Dues are $73 for working members and $58 for retirees.

Minutes in a Minute

Gamma Alpha Bulletin: GAB

Chapter Chatter

"Can We Talk?"

Joan Murray was married this summer. Our congratulations and best wishes are extended to Joan and her husband Jack Custer.

Carol Holland and Grace Morgan were traveling again this summer. They went on a Windjammer Cruise in August.

Bonnie Franka and family went to Maine after spending most of the summer at their cottage in Frankfort. Jackie Smart and crew spent a long weekend with the Franka’s.

Jackie and June Chartrand made a last minute trip to Canada and caught a few days of the convention. June is the globetrotter. She spent four weeks in South Africa and a week in London plus the Toronto trip. She will venture north to Harbor Springs with friends in September. Retirement sounds like fun.

Dr. Johnnye Summerville has been rumored to be working at Elliott during the renovations this summer. Her desk was in storage so she has been working on a student desk and sitting on a first grade chair. Is this the way to treat a doctor?

Esther Loskowske has worked on Elliott’s flower gardens this summer each week. After her hard work she meets friends and colleagues for lunch.

Fran Saenz spent several weeks this summer touring Europe.

Our condolences are extended to Judi Fisher on the loss of her father. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Judy Kolassa has been busy working at her husband’s business this summer as well as painting lines and patterns in the hallway of her school.

Alice Duke has been helping her husband with his business, too.

Judy Handley has accepted the position of Elementary Director of School Development in Wayne-Westland.

Several W-W members have attended Michigan Literacy Progress Profile (MLPP) sessions this summer.

Membership Initiative

Approximately 36% of our chapter membership is retired. If we are going to continue to be an active vital chapter, all of us need to make a concerted effort to seek new members. There are four Livonia teachers, nineteen Wayne-Westland teachers and three Garden City teachers who are currently working with potential members. Seek these women educators out and bring your completed form ready to present them for membership in September. A tri-fold about DKG is included. Give it to prospective members.

Overpaid Teachers

People are fed up with us teachers and our outrageous salaries! What is needed is a little perspective.

Teachers should be paid baby-sitting wages. That's right--instead of paying outrageous taxes, I'd give them $3 an hour. And, I'm only going to pay them for five hours. That's all they work anyway.

Let's see, that's $15 a day for each child. Even if a parent had more than one child, it's still cheaper than private day care. Now, each teacher should be able to handle 20 children. That's about 10 less than they have now. So, that's $15 x 20 = $300 a day. But the state only requires students to attend 180 days a year, so I'm not going to pay them for all their vacations or time away from the children.

Let's see ... $300 x 180 days equals $54,000. Hmm? I know what you teachers are thinking ... what about 10 years of experience or a Master's Degree? I'd pay you minimum wages instead of just baby-sitting wages. You'd have to read the kids a story or throw in some simple math. Minimum wage, I'd round off to $5.00 an hour ... times 5 hours times 20 children. That's $500 a day times 180 days. That's $90,000 ... oops! Gee, maybe baby-sitting wages are too good for teachers!

Forwarded to editors by a non-teaching friend.

Patience Candy!

Dr. Annie Webb Blanton loved to cook and was noted for her delicious hot biscuits, apple pies, sugared pecans and Patience Candy. The recipe was found it in the archives in Texas. It does take patience!
1 cup of milk
2 cups of sugar
1 tablespoon of butter
1/4 cup of Karo syrup
1 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup chopped pecans

Mix milk, 2 cups sugar, butter and Karo syrup in a pan to boil slowly. Melt 1 cup sugar in a heavy skillet, stirring constantly, letting it

brown slowly. Combine the two mixes and cook until mixture forms a soft ball (234-240 degrees).

Remove from heat, beat mixture until cool, adding vanilla while beating. Add pecans, and then pour into a buttered dish. Cut into squares when completely cool.

Calorie information: don’t ask.

Source: A Texas Collection: East Texas, 1980

State Stats

Jackie attended the P.A.C. meeting in Lansing on August 19th. A new yearbook evaluation form was handed out to help yearbook editors. The Education Foundation is still the project for Alpha Iota State this year. Each chapter is requested to donate $2 per member. (Last year we donated $100. This should be discussed in September if we want to contribute again.)

Anyone wanting to be nominated for state officer next year or wishing to nominate someone see Jackie or Grace for a nomination form.

Fall Workshops will be held in Mt. Pleasant at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort on October 13-14. There are going to be many interesting workshops that will give committee chairmen all the information needed to effectively run their committee. Jackie and her committee will be presenting a communications workshop. There will also be several "fun" workshops offered. All members are invited to attend. There will be lots of time to play golf or the slots, so bring your rolls of quarters! Registration information was in the summer Wolverine. If you lost your form, e-mail Jackie for a copy.

Visit the State web site at

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper.

Robert Frost


The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Convention was held July 23-30 in Toronto. Nearly 2000 women educators registered for the convention. They attended many of the 70+ workshops and general membership sessions. Michigan was well represented with over 60 members in attendance. In 2002 Little Rock, Arkansas will host the International Convention.

A Project of the United States Fund for UNICEF

Doris Salagi,DKG NGO Representative to the United Nations, sends information that would provide an excellent program. She describes another collaborative project opportunity with UNICEF in line with the 1998-2002-program emphasis on Global Community. Society goals for the Gambia Girls textbook fee literacy project have been met.

This new project deals with the Mayans, one of the oldest and largest populations living in Chiapas, the most impoverished state in Mexico. The unhealthy and undernourished children of Chiapas regard their schools negatively because windows are broken, sanitary systems are not maintained and learning materials are lacking.

What can we do to improve these conditions? The United States Fund for UNICEF, UNICEF Mexico, and the Secretary of Education of Chiapas will focus on creating a friendlier learning environment by launching The Child-Friendly School Project. Its objectives include the following:

  • To raise learning achievement by ensuring the quality of education
  • To create a clean, sanitary and pleasant school environment
  • To provide appropriate life skills
  • To promote participation of children, parents, and communities in the school's management
  • To promote education in values for citizenship
  • To reduce dropout rates
  • To promote The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
An estimated $11,070 for each of fifteen schools will be required to initiate the project, benefiting 1,500 children and their families.

Chapters that present a program on the Mayans and their needs might wish to conclude their program by sending a contribution to further the Child-Friendly Project. Contributions to UNICEF from each individual, chapter, or state/province/country should be accompanied by a form that can be downloaded from the Delta Kappa Gamma website at:

There is no influence so powerful as that of the mother, but next in rank of efficacy is that of the schoolmaster.

Sarah Josepha Hale

Information for the XXX newsletter should be sent to Joan Murray and/or Bonnie Franka by XXX 1, 2000. Minutes and committee reports should be snail or e-mailed to the newsletter editors and Judy Kolassa.


2000-2001 CALENDAR

September 27

The first Business Meeting of the year will be held at Dunleavy’s Grill located at 340 N. Main Street in Plymouth. Dunleavy’s was formerly known as Plymouth Landing. Dinner will be at 4:30. The meeting will start at 5:30. Be prompt.

Executive Board and World Fellowships will sponsor tonight’s meeting. As in previous years, you are asked to bring a vacation souvenir for the silent auction. Proceeds from the auction will go to the World Fellowships Fund, which gives scholarships to women students from countries other than the United States and Canada

Service Projects wants you to catch those back to school sales and bring supplies for school bags.

You are receiving another Recommendation for Membership form. If you recall, one was enclosed in the June newsletter and you were requested to seek out women educators for membership in Gamma Alpha. Presentation of potential members will take place at this first meeting. Orientation of new members will be held prior to the meeting in October. Initiation will follow in November. This change in our usual timetable will hopefully encourage maximum involvement from new members and sponsors.

Committee sign-up will also take place at our first meeting. The Executive Board has dates for future meetings arranged and some program ideas. Committees may decide to do something else if they have an idea. Please let newsletter editors (Bonnie Franka and Joan Murray), yearbook editor (Colleen Retherford) and Judy Kolassa, Program Chairman, know your plans. Committees will have time to meet and finalize plans for their meetings this year.

The International theme for the next biennium is:


This year we should all be enlightened and enriched because Gamma Alpha members are empowered to do their best for their chapter and the Society.

October 18

New member orientation is sponsored by the Membership Committee and will meet at:

Elliott Elementary School
30800 Bennington
Westland (734)-595-2545
South on Merriman
Left on Parkwood (2/3 of a mile south of Cherry Hill)
Left at the stop sign on Bennington. Elliott School is on the left hand side of the road. Enter through the gym doors.

After the Committee’s orientation program, prospective members will be asked to join Gamma Alpha with our first service project. The residents of the Wayne County Family Center will join us for dinner and a literacy presentation. All parents will receive a R.E.A.D.Y kit worth $45 that is filled with books and ideas on parenting. All children will receive a bag filled with school supplies.

4:30-5:00 New member Orientation program
5:00-5:15 The residents from the Center arrive
5:15-6:00 Dinner
6:00-7:00 Project

November 29

The Membership Committee will initiate new members. The meeting will be held at Dunleavy’s Grill located at:

340 N. Main Street
Plymouth, MI
Dinner will be at 4:30. The meeting will start at 5:30. Program and details TBA in future newsletter.

December 6

Executive Board will meet at Hayes Elementary in Livonia at 4:00. Hayes is located off of Ann Arbor Trail west of Merriman. Committee chairs and any interested members are welcome to attend.

January 17

The Executive Board will sponsor the second Business Meeting. After chapter business is conducted, the Finance Committee tentatively has a speaker arranged to talk about financial planning. The meeting will be held at Dunleavy’s Grill located at:
340 N. Main Street
Plymouth, MI
Dinner will be at 4:30. The meeting will start at 5:30.

February 14

Personal Growth will sponsor this meeting. "Promotional Concepts" is tentatively scheduled to help Gamma Alpha market something that could be sold at the State Convention. The profits could be used for our Grant-in-Aid. The meeting will be held at Dunleavy’s Grill located at:
340 N. Main Street
Plymouth, MI
Dinner will be at 4:30. The meeting will start at 5:30.

March 21

Research Committee is in charge of the meeting. We hope they have some good ideas! Details TBA in future newsletter. The meeting will probably be held at Dunleavy’s Grill located at:
340 N. Main Street
Plymouth, MI

Dinner will be at 4:30. The meeting will start at 5:30.

April 27-29

The State Convention will be held in Grand Rapids at the Grand Amway Plaza. Attendance has been dropping off at conventions and all chapter members are encouraged to consider joining in the fun. Once you attend a convention, you’ll return each year. The winter issue of the Wolverine will have registration forms and details.

May 19

Detroit Metro Council Birthday Luncheon will be held at the Grosse Point War Memorial. Birthday Committee will need to work with the Metro Council. Grace, Judy Kolassa and Jackie will be meeting with Metro Council September 23. Details will be available at the September meeting and in future newsletters.


1  Nancy Bielik
9  Cindy Dietz
13 Geri Stone
19 Helen Mate
27 Adele Sobania
30 Jackie Smart

Gamma Alpha Executive Board

President: Grace Morgan
First Vice President: Judy Kolassa
Second Vice President: Judi Fisher
Recording Secretary: Carol Holland
Corresponding Secretaries: Bonnie Franka
Joan Murray
Treasurer: Cindy Dietz
Past President: Jackie Smart