Gamma Alpha Bulletin

"The GAB"
Vol 20 No 4. February 2000

President's Message
"Get Smart"

January is finally over and the "100th Day of School" approaches, which is cause for celebration in many elementary schools. My school has a 100ís Day Mini-Olympics. Much fun and learning is had by the children and the teachers know we are over the "hump" and on our way towards the end of the school year.

February brings Elaine Opper, a prospective member from Garden City, to our meeting. Please join in welcoming her. at Richardís Restaurant.

Most people get routine medical care from a traditional medical doctor or an osteopathic doctor. But many are choosing to see a holistic or homeopathic doctor. Dr. Nedra Downing will let us know all about this alternative medical treatment and is it for everyone at Marchís Seminar 2000.


Jennifer Granholm Presentation Summary

Jackie Smart, Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm and Mary Foster have a friendly chat before the presentation at Summit on the Park.

Minutes in a Minute

Society Pursuit Questions - test your knowledge of Delta Kappa Gamma trivia!


U.S. Forum

The purpose of the United States Forum is to identify and select major issues affecting women, children, and education upon which the U.S. member may take action.

The purpose of the United States Forum web page is to render a service to the United States members of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International by providing current information regarding pending federal legislation affecting children, women and education. This service will facilitate the implementation of Purpose Number Four of the Society, that is, to support legislation in the interests of education and women educators. This service will enable members to easily obtain information on pending federal legislation in order to contact legislators and thereby becoming advocates for children and women.

The U.S. Forum web-site gives readers tips for writing your legislator and snail and e-mail addresses.

The U.S. Forum is sponsoring the National Legislative Seminar for Key Women Educators on March 26-29, 2000. If interested see Society's web-site for registration form and further information:

Gamma Alpha Bulletin: GAB

"Can We Talk?"


No one has told me a thing! Whatís going on? Snowbirds, please e-mail me something that I can share.

Cindy Dietz took pity and forwarded me the following:


On the 6th day, God created men and women. On the 7th day, he rested. Not so much to recuperate, but rather to prepare himself for the work he was going to do on the next day. For it was on that day, the 8th day, that God created the FIRST TEACHER.

This TEACHER, though taken from among men and women, had several significant modifications. In general, God made the TEACHER more durable than other men and women.

The TEACHER was made to arise at a very early hour and to go to bed no earlier than 11:00 p.m. - with no rest in between. The TEACHER had to be able to withstand being locked up in an airtight classroom for six hours with twenty-seven "angels" on a rainy Monday. And the TEACHER had to be fit to correct term papers over spring break, and attend countless, seemingly endless meetings. The TEACHER not only had to be able to do 80 hours worth of work in one day, but also had to continue to smile and maintain a good attitude while working.

Yes, God made the TEACHER tough...but gentle too. The TEACHER was equipped with soft hands to wipe away the tears of the neglected and lonely student...of those of the seven year old girl who doesn't have a mom.

And into the TEACHER, God poured a generous amount of patience. Patience when a student asks to repeat the directions the TEACHER has just repeated three times. Patience when the kids forget their lunch money for the fourth day in a row. Patience when one-third of the class fails the test; patience when the textbooks haven't arrived yet, and the semester starts tomorrow.

And God gave the TEACHER a heart slightly bigger than the average human heart. For the TEACHERíS heart had to be big enough to love the kid who screams, "I hate this class-it's boring," and to love the kid who runs out of the classroom at the end of the year without so much as a "good-bye," let alone a "thank you."

And lastly, God gave the TEACHER an abundant supply of FAITH. For God knew that the TEACHER would always be believing. Believing that the kids would someday learn how to spell, believing that Friday would come, believing that every parent would show up for conference day, believing that each child would be successful at the end of the year.

When God finished creating the TEACHER, he stepped back and admired the work of his hands. And God saw that the TEACHER was good. Very Good! And God smiled, for when he looked at the TEACHER, he saw into the future. He knew that the future is in the hands of the TEACHERS. And because God loves TEACHERS so much, on the 9th day God created "SNOW DAYS."

Thanks, Cindy.

Deadline for articles for the next Bulletin is March 1. Send your copy to Cindy Dietz. Please drop me a line!


Two For 2000
Educational Foundation

Alpha Iota State President, Mary Tracy is encouraging all chapters to designate $2 per member to the Educational Foundation. Gamma Alpha has answered this call and has sent $100 to the Foundation.

The purpose of the Educational Foundation is to encourage standards of excellence in education; to provide grants for women scholars to carry out study and research; to assist and cooperate with schools, colleges, universities, and other persons, organizations, trust funds or foundations in the support, encouragement and improvement of education.

The Foundation is painfully aware of the needs of schools, social agencies and interested communities to help others less fortunate than we are. It is The Foundationís desire to do what it can to make the general public aware of what The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International stands for, to make our world a better place for children and families, and to help all of us to better understand and to celebrate our differences.

Visit the stateís web-site:

*We are asked to fill out a survey for DKG. Please bring completed surveys to the February meeting.

"I touch the future, I teach."

Christa McAuliffee

1999-2000 CALENDAR

February 23

Membership Committee and Executive Board will welcome one prospective member to orientation. Marie and her committee will explain the "wonders" of being a member of Delta Kappa Gamma. Executive Board will delight everyone with the amazing lipstick activity. Dinner and socializing with new members will begin at 5:00. Seminar Planning Committee will meet at 4:30. The meeting will be held at:

Richard's Family Restaurant
39305 Plymouth Road
(Plymouth & Eccles)

Saturday March 11

"Seminar 2000"
Wyndham Garden Hotel
Novi, Michigan

In 1992, Dr. Nedra Downing left a 30-year career in pharmacy to pursue her interest in environment and nutrition as alternative ways to treat illness. She will share her ideas on "Holistic Medicine."

11:00 - Gathering, coffee
11:30 - Luncheon
12:30 - Speaker

Mail flyer response with your check made out to "Gamma Alpha" to Judi Fisher. Judiís address is on the flyer. Please bring a friend or two so this can be a successful event.

April 5

The Birthday Dinner will be held at Hawthorne Valley Country Club. Initiation of New Members and Installation of New Officers will be the highlight of the evening.

Service Projects and Birthday Committees are asking your help in making Easter baskets for children living in the Wayne County Family Center. The committees will purchase baskets, grass, and a small toy. Bring your candy donation enough for seventy-five baskets. We will assemble the baskets before dinner. If you are planning on being involved in this activity, please arrive on time with your goodies. Peter Cottontail's helpers (Service Project committee members) will deliver the baskets to the shelter. Time and cost of the Birthday Dinner will be published when I receive the information.

April 8

Metro Council Millenium Luncheon will be held at:

American Polish Cultural Center
2975 East Maple at Dequindre
Troy, MI

Jackie will make an announcement and have a handout at the February meeting regarding this luncheon. Executive Board, newly elected officers and interested members are invited to attend.

May 5-7

State Convention will be held in Battle Creek this year. You can get the registration forms for the convention and hotel in the Winter Wolverine or on-line at


13 Susie Miller

Gamma Alpha Executive Board

President: Jackie Smart
First Vice President: Barb Broadley
Second Vice President: Marie Canzoneri
Recording Secretary: Carol Holland
Corresponding Secretary: Cindy Dietz
Treasurer: Grace Morgan
Parliamentarian: Chris Smith
Past President: Alice Duke
Newsletter: Cindy Dietz