Gamma Alpha Bulletin

"The GAB"
Vol 20 No 1. September 1999

President's Message
"Get Smart"

The "Back to School" sales mean one thing, summer is almost over! With school supplies purchased and a new tote bag, I am ready to "maximize the millennium". I have been busy this summer with a Project Read workshop, a Week With AIMS-Math Connections workshop and extensive chauffeur duties transporting my girls about. Executive Board met in June and some exciting programs were planned for this year. Committee chairmen should return the meeting planning sheet to Barbara Broadley. Please review the calendar for specific meeting information and I'll see you in September.


Reminder:Bring vacation souvenirs for the World Fellowship raffle and school supply items for Wayne County Family Center children when you come to the September meeting. Grace Morgan reminds us that dues are to be paid at (or before) the September meeting. Dues are $73 for working members and $58 for retirees.

Minutes in a Minute

The Four Cornerstones of Fitness

Want to start exercising, but don't know where to begin? According to the new book Exercise: A Guide From the National Institute on Aging, an exercise plan should focus on the following four areas:

  • Endurance. Endurance exercises increase your breathing and heart rate. Moderate endurance exercises include swimming, biking, scrubbing a floor, playing golf without a cart; vigorous exercises include hiking or shoveling snow. Build up your endurance gradually, depending on your fitness level.
  • Strength. Your fitness plan should feature strength exercises at least twice a week. Strength exercises will build your muscles, increase your metabolism, and possibly prevent osteoporosis.

When exercising with free weights -typical exercises include arm raises, biceps curls, triceps extensions- do eight to 15 repetitions in a row with each arm, wait a minute, then do another set

If you can't lift a weight eight times it's too heavy for you- start with something lighter.

  • Balance. Strength exercises- particularly those for the lower body- will often improve your balance as well. Good balance exercises include the plantar flexion (stand on tip toe, hold, then slowly lower your heels to the floor) and the hip flexion (stand straight while bending one knee toward your chest).
  • Flexibility. To keep your body limber, perform 2 0 minutes of stretching exercises at least three times a week. Do each stretch three to five times and hold it for ten to 30 seconds, stretching as far as you can without pain.

For a free copy of Exercise: A Guide From the National Institute on Aging, call the NIA at 800-222-2225 or online at

Modern Maturity
July-August 1999


The Northeast Regional Conference was held in Indianapolis on July 14-17. Information and photos about the convention can be found on the Society Web site at:

Check it out!

Gamma Alpha Bulletin: GAB

Chapter Chatter

Johnnye Summerville will receive her doctorate in December. Congratulations!

Sandy Becher went to the NEA convention with her husband, Steve in Orlando over the 4th of July. Actually, Steve went to the convention and Sandy went to Universal Studios and Disney World. She also attended a conference on Accelerated Math in Nashville.

Marcia Scarr played golf and grandma this summer.

Carol Holland has also been a busy grandma this summer.

June Chartrand spent five weeks in England this summer.

No one else responded to my plea for news.

State Stats

Meeting dates of interest:

October 1
State Executive Board
Sheraton Hotel
Lansing, MI

October 2
Fall Workshop
Sheraton Hotel, Lansing, MI

Fall Workshop is not just for the President. Any interested member may attend. Enclosed you will find the registration form for the workshop and hotel information (if you want to Lansing the night before and a list of the planned workshops.

May 5-7

State Convention
McCamley Plaza Hotel
50 Capital Avenue SW
Battle Creek

The State has just started its own web-site. Check it out at:

1999-2000 CALENDAR

September 15

Tonight's meeting will be held at:

Richard's Family Restaurant
39305 Plymouth Road
Livonia (734) 464-3354

Dinner/socializing will begin at 5:30. The meeting starts at 7:00. Sponsors are World Fellowship Committee and Executive Board.

Bring your vacation souvenir for the raffle. Proceeds go to international scholarships. The Service Project Committee also requests that you bring school supplies for bags we will be making for the children living at the Wayne County Family Center. Washable markers, pens, colored pencils, glue sticks, pencils, erasers, crayons and notepads are some suggested items. The materials you donate will be placed in bags and given to the children following our October 13 activity/meeting.

October 13

"Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things"

Service Project Committee sponsors tonight's hands-on activity. We will start with a pizza and salad dinner with residents from the Wayne County Family Center at:

Elliott Elementary
3900 Bennington
Westland, MI

Dinner will begin at 5:30. From approximately 6:15- 7:30, we will take the families through a series of math and science activities that are designed to be fun and educational. The activities will be prepared by the Service Project Committee. We need members to help serve food, clean-up and facilitate the activities. Judy Handley will explain the activities during the September meeting. Wayne-Westland transportation department will provide a bus for the residents. Bring a game that uses math or science- if you desire. We will present the games to the Center and give each child a bag of school supplies.

November 3

Judge Gail McKnight will speak to us about juveniles in the legal system. Judge McKnight has been rescheduled from last January's snow storm. New Member Presentation also will be held this evening after our speaker. Bring your Recommendation for Membership form. The meeting will be held at Richard's Family Restaurant (39305 Plymouth Road, Livonia). Dinner/socializing will begin at 5:30. The meeting starts at 7:00

December 8, 1999

Executive Board, committee chairmen and any interested members will meet at Hayes Elementary in Livonia at 4:00.

January 12

Professional Affairs and Research will sponsor a joint meeting with Gamma Gamma (Plymouth chapter). Jackie has arranged for State Attorney General, Jennifer Granholm to speak to our collective chapters, guests and any dignitaries we can "scrape" up. Granholm's topic is the importance of educating children in schools regarding appropriate internet usage and any ensuing safety issues. It is important that we have a good showing. So plan on coming with a friend (or two).

Gamma Gamma will make arrangements buffet and securing the location. The meeting to be held at:

Summit on the Park
11505 Canton Center Road
Canton Township

We will "gather" at 4:30, buffet and socializing from 5:00-6:00, speaker/forum at 6:00. Further updates about cost when details are firmed up.

February 23

Membership Committee and Executive Board will welcome prospective members to orientation. Marie and her committee will explain the "wonders" of being a member of Delta Kappa Gamma. Executive Board will delight everyone with the amazing lipstick activity. Nominations Committee will present their slate of officers for the 2000-2002 biennium. Dinner and socializing with new members will begin at 5:30. The meeting will be held at Richard's Family Restaurant (39305 Plymouth Road, Livonia).

March 11 or 18

Seminar 2000 TBA

April 5

Birthday Dinner
Initiation of New Members
Installation of New Officers

Bring candy and Easter goodies for baskets we will be making for the Wayne County Family Center. Peter Cottontail's helpers will deliver them to the shelter. Time and place TBA.

May 5-7

State Convention will be held in Battle Creek.


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Education is not preparation for life: education is life itself - John Dewey

Gamma Alpha Executive Board

President: Jackie Smart
First Vice President: Barb Broadley
Second Vice President: Marie Canzoneri
Recording Secretary: Carol Holland
Corresponding Secretary: Cindy Dietz
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Parliamentarian: Chris Smith
Past President: Alice Duke
Newsletter: Cindy Dietz