Gamma Alpha Bulletin

Vol 19 No 1. August/September 1998

President's Message

I want to welcome everyone back from a wonderful summer vacation. I'm really looking forward to October's meeting with Elizabeth Homer, an authority on equity education and Title IX. See you all on the 16th. Don't forget your souvenir for the silent auction.



Delta Kappa Gamma Business Meeting, June 22, 1998

Members present: Nancy Bielik, Esther Loskowske, Susie Miller, Judy Handley, Mary Jo Dreffs, Grace Morgan, June Chartrand, Jackie Smart, Carol Holland, Debbie Ervin, Barb Broadley, Marie Canzoneri, Sandy Becher, Cindy Dietz.

Call to order at 10:15 a.m. at the home of Jackie Smart.

President's Report:

1. Jackie suggested a committee to review the standard rules and to revise.

2. Strategic plan is due by February to the state: Strategic Planning--Michigan Style.

3. Minutes from the January Executive Board were read and accepted as written.

Treasurer's Report:

Checking Account: $833.86
Savings Account: $5,268.24
Grant-in-Aid paid

Corresponding Secretary's Report:

1. Wayne County Family Center is in need of items.

2. Cindy read a thank you letter from Joanne Haywood, thanking us for the grant.

Committee Reports:

Barb Broadley led a discussion on setting a different meeting night. It was agreed by the Board that we would continue to meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month unless vacations necessitate an alternate date.

The 1998-1999 Monthly Meeting Plans were set and are listed in the calendar.


It was suggested that E-mail addresses be included in the yearbook.

New Business:

1. August 15--PAC

2. October 9 & 10--Executive Board Workshop in Clare

3. An Ad Hoc Committee was formed to explore a March 2000 seminar.

Meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Holland
Recording Secretary


"Can We Talk?"

Marie Canzoneri is the proud grandma of Antonio Giovanni Canzoneri. Do you pinch his cheeks, Marie?

The Ad Hoc Seminar Committee met to discuss a possible seminar topic for the year 2000. (Yes, 2K is coming up, folks.) Members are. Marcia Scarr, Barbara Broadley, Debbie Ervin, Carol Holland, and Marie Canzoneri. At a recent meeting, a gentleman joined them-Marie's little grandson, Antonio.

Grant in Aid*

The following letter was received from the grant recipient, Joanne Haywood.

I am sending you my heartfelt thanks for the scholarship that was so graciously awarded to me by your sorority. Your gift came at a time when needed it the most. The money will be used to help finance my last year at Eastern Michigan University. I would like to thank Mary Jo Dreffs for submitting my name as a candidate for the scholarship and to the other members for choosing me as the recipient of the scholarship. Getting a college scholarship makes me feels that am smart because one associates scholarships with intelligence. Come June of 1999, hope to be a certified teacher.

Thank you again.

* Please be aware that "Grants in Aid" are given to non-members. "Scholarships" are given to members in good standing.

I am aware that this newsletter is not up to our usual standards. I apologize and request your patience. I thought my e-mail would be up and running, but, alas, it's not. Please let me know what I can do to improve and fill me in on the details of the meetings as they come available.

Deadline for articles for the next Bulletin is 9/20/98. Send your copy to Cindy Dietz. Please drop me a line!


1998-1999 CALENDAR

September 16 : Our first Business Meeting will be held at Water Club Grill, Inc. (Ann Arbor Road and I-275). This is sponsored by the WorId FeIlowship Committee and Executive Board. We will have our annual World Fellowship Auction. World Fellowship Chairperson Debbie Ervin reminds you to bring your vacation souvenir with you for our auction. The proceeds from the auction go to the Society's World Fellowship Fund. There will also be committee sign up for those who were unable to do so at the Birthday Dinner. As of August, no one has found the folders for sign up, so we'll ask you to sign again, please. Treasurer Grace is requesting that you bring your checkbook to pay your dues at this time. Working members and initiates are assessed $73; retirees pay $58. In addition, we will have the mysterious Lipstick Activity which some of our members participated in at the State Convention. You are also reminded to stock up on personal care items for our service project in February. Grace also has tickets for the Rockettes. For more information see entry under December 2nd. You have until the October meeting to purchase a ticket. Grace requests that payment be separated for dues and tickets--i.e., two checks, please.

Dinner will be at 5:30 and the meeting will begin at 7:00. We hope to see all of you there.

October 14: This meeting will be sponsored by Nancy Bielik , Chairperson of the Legislation Committee. Marie Canzoneri asks that we bring a new book appropriate for up to seven years of age. This will be a gift of reading to the homeless shelter.

Dinner at 5:30; meeting at 7:00.

November 4: ProfessionaI Affairs and Research, Mary Jo Dreffs and Jackie Smart, are co-sponsoring a Holiday Auction. Bring an item to auction off and come prepared to spend some money.

The last auction we had was a huge success and loads of fun! I know I spent more than I intended! The proceeds will go to our Grant-in-Aid Fund (Scholarship).

Dinner at 5:30; meeting at 7:00.

December 2: The Financial Committee sponsors a Holiday Get-Together. Grace Morgan has ordered a block of twenty tickets to t h e Radio City Christmas Spectacular at the Fox Theater, starring the Rockettes. Tickets are $42.50 and must be purchased by the October meeting. After that date, members may buy tickets for family members and friends, as long as supplies last. So...Hurry! Hurry! Get your tickets today! Send your check, payable to Gamma Alpha, to:

Grace Morgan
44452 Meadow Creek Lane
Canton, MI 48187

Tickets will be distributed when they are received from the theater.

January 13: The Executive Board will meet at 4:30 at the Water Club. Dinner is at 5:30. A Business Meeting will begin at 7:00. After the business is taken care of , Alice Duke's daughter will show Longaberger baskets. (Ah, dear! Another time I'll have to bring my checkbook.) Proceeds will go the Grant-in-Aid Fund.

February 10: The Service Committee asks that you bring personal care items for the shelter. Membership will sponsor the nomination of new members, followed by a social evening.

Dinner at 5:30; meeting at 7:00.

March 10: New members will participate in orientation. Personal Growth is working with the Music Committee to prepare a presentation of "My Name is Annie''.

Dinner at 5:30 ; meeting at 7:00.

April 21: New member will be initiated at the Birthday Dinner. Location and time TBA.

May 14-16: State Convention at Mackinac lsland!!!! Details will follow in the Winter Wolverine.


A u g u s t

17 Mary Hendrien
18 Abby Roche
20 Grace Morgan

S e p t e m b e r

1 Nancy Bielik
9 Cindy Dietz
13 Geri Stone
27 Adele Sobania
30 Jackie Smart

Gamma Alpha Executive Board

President: Jackie Smart
First Vice President: Barb Broadley
Second Vice President: Marie Canzoneri
Recording Secretary: Carol Holland
Corresponding Secretary: Cindy Dietz
Treasurer: Grace Morgan
Parliamentarian: Chris Smith
Past President: Alice Duke
Newsletter: Cindy Dietz