Gamma Alpha Bulletin

Vol 16 No 8. May 1996

President's Message
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May 8

Birthday Dinner will be held at Kiernan’s in Dearborn, 21931 Michigan Avenue. Details about cost and choices of the meals have been sent out by the Birthday Dinner Committee. Money was to be sent to Grace Morgan by April 22.

Cocktails: 5:30-6:00
Initiation of New Members and Installation of New Officers: 6:00-6:30
Dinner: 6:30-7:30

This is our big event, so mark this date on your calendar. Sponsors are: Candy Vaphiadis, Mary Foster, and Mary Clark. New members who are being initiated and the following "old" members should bring their photos for the yearbook: Suzanne Bacinski, Mary Clark, Lorna Durand, Joan Fredericks, Simonne Grzesik, Carrie Hall, Clare Howell, Abby Roche, Celestine Sanders, Roxanne Sparkman, Janet Haas, and Geri Stone.

We will also be signing up for committees of work and chairmen at the Birthday Dinner. Everyone should sign up for something and get involved.

June 19

We will meet at Sandy Becher’s house (3390 Westridge Court, Westland) at 11:00 am. Any interested members, committee chairmen, and officers should try to attend. We will be planning our agenda for ‘96-97. RSVP to Sandy at (313) 0406. Lunch will be provided.

Information on Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

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Chapter News

Fran Saenz has been taking a class on Wednesdays. We miss you, Fran.

Christine Smith won the door prize at March’s meeting. It was lovely rose embossed note paper.

Birthday Dinner is committee sign up time. Come on and get involved. Gamma Alpha needs you.

For those interested in private readings from Linda, the psychic consultant at our March meeting, her number is (313) 389-5026.

Noemi Nogy is our World Fellowship recipient to whom we should write notes of encouragement or send a CARE package. Remember when you were in college and how you looked forward to mail and those homemade treats? Noemi is from Hungary. She is working on her doctorate at the University of Toronto. Her address is:

80 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S
1A1, Canada
We should try to write to her before the school year ends.

State Convention News

  • State dues are being raised for active and reserve members by $3.00. This was voted on by members present at the convention.
  • Gamma Alpha received honors at the State Convention in Battle Creek. Sandy Becher and her wonderful yearbook was awarded an Honorable Mention certificate. A rating scale was included to help Sandy further develop areas in the yearbook. Our Gamma Alpha Bulletin won first place in the Chapter Newsletter division. Jackie Smart proudly shares the certificate with her computer mentor husband. Gamma Alpha’s Chapter Women of Distinction was announced, but it will remain secret until our Birthday Dinner.
  • Alpha Iota State’s Dr. Paula Dent has been nominated for International President. The convention will be in Columbus, Ohio in July. Information about cost and dates is in the April issue, (volume 53, no. 3) of DKG News. All chapters are encouraged to send representatives to the convention.
  • Beginning at the 1997 convention, Chapters will be recognized for attendance, merit, and participation. The following is a partial list of requirements to receive The Order of the Rose.
    • Chapter representation at both spring and fall State Executive Board meetings.
    • Initiation of new members at least once a year.
    • Two or more Chapter Executive Board meetings a year.
    • Chapter dues paid on time.
    • Chapter representation at… Alpha Iota State Convention, State Leadership Development Workshop, Northeast Regional Conference, International Convention.
    • Return of report forms from International by February 1st.
    • Year books submitted by December 1st.
    • Newsletter copies to Communication Committee Chairmen.
    • Active member attendance at Chapter meetings.

  • Upcoming Dates

    May 11 State Leadership Workshop The President are First Vice President are requested to attend. The workshop will be from 9-4 at the Holiday Inn in Mt. Pleasant.

    July 23-27 International Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

    Fall Workshops

    September 21 Gaylord
    October 4,5 Livonia (Holiday Inn)
    October 19 Holland

    State Convention

    April 24-27, 1997 Next year’s State Convention will be held at the Amway Grand Am in Grand Rapids. This date is for those who really like to plan ahead.

  • $300 seed money is available to each chapter for money making projects from the State fund. Fifty percent of the profits (not to exceed $300) will have to be repaid.


Here are some more online educational online sites that I have found.

  • Classroom Connect (www.classroom. net)
  • Kid’s Web (
  • Museums on the Web (
  • Disney (
  • Michigan Department of Education (
Remember Gamma Alpha Bulletin is now on-line. You can visit our web site at If you have information you feel other women in education may be interested in, please let me know. Retirees should also let me know what’s going as well. Deadline for articles for the September Bulletin is August 24. Send your copy to Jackie Smart.

If you have any information that you would like to see in the bulletin, let me know - email us!

Jackie Smart

Meet Our Members
This issue: meet is Marcia Wiss Scarr


4 Sandy Becher
4 Colleen Retherford


13 Karen Hoenes
19 Fran Saenz


6 Suzanne Bacinski
20 Carol Holland

Health News
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1996-1998 Executive Board
Alice Duke
First Vice President:
Shirley Wahlstrom
Second Vice President:
Mary Jo Dreffs
Recording Secretary:
Mary Foster
Corresponding Secretary:
Jackie Smart
Grace Morgan
Esther Loskowske
Past President:
Marie Canzoneri