Gamma Alpha Bulletin
March 1996

President's Message

I would like to thank all six of our prospective members for attending last monthís orientation meeting. We are pleased so many active teachers are interested in joining Gamma Alpha. I am sorry I was unable to attend the orientation, but my husbandís angioplasty at University of Michigan kept me away. On behalf of Gamma Alpha, I would like to extend condolences to Sandy Becher on the loss of her father. On a happier note, The Personal Growth and Development Committee has planned some fun for us this month. A psychic will give interested members a private reading. I want to thank Nancy Bielik for her informative Legislative report. Donít forget to register for the State Convention that is coming up. Letís have a wonderful turnout this year. I will be unable to attend because of surgery, (and as a footnote will miss the remainder of the school year). There will be no April bulletin because of the State Convention.