Prior to the November meeting, the Service Projects Committee called Wayne County Family Center and inquired as to their needs. This year hygiene products were the Center's request. The committee purchased toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, tissues, feminine hygiene products, and a few miscellaneous items. Debbie Ervin's hairdresser supplied shampoo and conditioner. At the meeting, members brought small bottles of hand lotion to complete the bags. We assembled everything before dinner. We also made school supply bags for the children who are in the center. Pencils, crayons, markers, pads, erasers and scissors were placed into their school bags. We delivered the children's bags to Taft School in Wayne. Principal Michael Hurley accepted our delivery and thanked us for our efforts. A grateful staff member met us at the door of the Family Center to accept our hygiene bag donations.

Service Project Committee

Debbie Ervin, Marcia Wiss-Scarr, Sandy Becher, Alice Duke, Joan Lyon, Shirley Wahlstrom, Marie Canzoneri, and Susie Miller are part of our assembly line. They are putting together our hygiene bags and school bags for the women and children in the Wayne County Family Center.
Sharon Galbraith and Karen Hoens (our newest initiate) demonstrated the fine art of sweatshirt painting at our November meeting. Those who participated had an early start on their holiday shopping. Thank you Karen and Sharon for a delightful evening!
Susie Miller, Esther Loskowske, Alice Duke, Grace Morgan, and Sandy Becher are hard at work on their sweatshirts. Esther really cranked them out. She made three sweatshirts that evening. Meticulous Sandy hated getting paint on her hands!