January 1996

Health News

The Common Cold: The Cold Facts

With the approaching cold weather comes cold season and each week this winter, approximately 13% of the American population will catch a fresh cold. That's not surprising, considering the common cold is the most prevalent viral infection known to mankind. Actually, the phrase common cold is grossly inaccurate. What we refer to as the common cold is only one of more than 200 different

A typical cold doesn't usually require a doctor's care. If any of the following symptoms develop, you could have a bacterial infection, and you should call your doctor:


If you develop a secondary bacterial infection, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. However, don't expect them for your common cold because antibiotics aren't effective against viruses. Instead some of the best known home treatments can ease your aching bones.

Source: MESSA, All the News That's Fit, November 1995.