Gamma Alpha Bulletin

Vol 16 No 4. November 1995

President's Message
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1995-1996 CALENDAR

November 8- Service Projects will sponsor the November meeting. After a call to the Wayne County Family Center for suggestions, we will be assemble hygiene bags for the women who are in the shelter. Bring a small hand or body lotion (travel size) to put in the hygiene bag. We will also make school supply bags for the children who are in the center. The allotted money for Service Projects will cover the cost of the other items that will go into the bags. In addition, our new initiate, Karen Hoenes will teach us how to make Christmas sweatshirts. Karen brought samples to show us at the October meeting and they were beautiful. You need to bring the sweats and Karen will bring the supplies. You may bring a guest.

December 6- Executive Board / Schweitzer

January 10- New Member and Officer Nominations. We will also have a Silk Flower Arrangements sale.

February 7- New Member Orientation at a clubhouse. Susie Miller will be the chairperson. We will also bring a dish to pass with copies of the recipe to "build a cookbook".

March 13- TBA (Tentatively a "Psychic Connection" evening) will be sponsored by Personal Growth Committee.

April 19-21- State Convention

May 8- Birthday Dinner. Location TBA

Eagle Tavern

Meet the organizers of the Eagle Tavern field trip.

E. Lansing Fall Workshop

Nomination's Committee Report

Gamma Alpha Bulletin: GAB

Missing members...where have you been? We have not seen your face on a milk carton, so we know that you are still with us. Try to make the November meeting. The chapter needs your involvement.

June Chartrand won the door prize at the October meeting...Delta Kappa Gamma note paper! June is on her way to her winter home in Arizona. She returns in May. If you want to win a valuable door prize, come to any of our monthly meetings. Those in attendance are eligible for the door prize. Somebody's going to win. It might be you.

If you have any articles, committee reports, gossip or items of interest for the Gamma Alpha Bulletin, please send to Jackie Smart or email us!

There will be no December newsletter. Due date for January articles is December 28.

Meet Our Members
This issue: meet Barbara Broadley

2 Debbie Ervin
10 Sherry Green
12 Lynn Ross
12 Janet Haas
20 Joan Fredericks

2 Candy Vaphiadis
12 Barb Broadley
14 Roxanne Sparkman
30 Simmone Grzesik

Health News
Sleeping disorders
Executive Board
Alice Duke
First Vice President:
Grace Morgan
Second Vice President:
Susie Miller
Recording Secretary:
Mary Foster
Corresponding Secretary:
Mary Clark
Grace Morgan
Esther Loskowske
Past President:
Marie Canzoneri